Prince Harry: In order to return to London, he wants to call the cameras to follow ...

Prince Harry: In order to return to London, he wants to call the cameras to follow …

Nothing stopped him Prince Harry ! The youngest son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, following the announcement of his memoirs It starts with a documentary about Invictus games. This game competition is dedicated to disabled players and athletes. The Duke of Sussex, a former military man, launched the initiative in 2014.

According to Russell Meyers, an expert on the British royal family, a thirty-year-old can invite himself to Buckingham Palace with a production team for the needs of his television project! If he lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife Megan Markle and their two children (Archie and Lilliput-Diana, 2 years and 2 months), Prince Harry is likely to travel to the UK next November.

According to information from Daily Mail, The Queen’s Grandson’s Plan will be a series of several chapters “Follow participants from all over the world as they prepare for the games to take place in The Hague.” Reported byExpress England, Prince Harry will meet with Elizabeth II at the end of the year before visiting the Army Base for Injured Soldiers located at Stanford Hall in Northamptonshire. “There will also be a small production team with the Duke of Sussex to show the public the instructions for these games.”

Prince Harry’s series will be called Choir de Invictus. The Archival Foundation, created by Megan Markle and her husband, uses the production team. The pair signed a $ 100 million deal with the Netflix site for the documentary, which was directed by teams of Orlando van Einchitel and Jonah Nadasekara, both of which were awarded for past productions. The series is set to see the light of day in 2022.

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