Une runneuse dans londres, un bus anglais derrière

London, the running capital of course!

Puma German experts have named the British capital, which has been named the best European metropolis. Runners Of the old continent in 76 different cities.

The ranking takes into account air quality, temperature, traffic jams, the presence of running clubs, water quality and green space, among other things. However, the news may surprise more than one due to the permitted pollution in the capital or its impressive road traffic, however it remains an innovative city in terms of environmental efforts. Local decision makers are fighting against the omnipresence of cars by creating lush spaces, and have been able to organize and improve numerous parks and gardens that benefit from the running practice. There is something for every taste! Urban race for the most beautiful lovers Buildings Londoners, jogging daily with multiple canals, but the most popular marathon ever to come together 45,000 people.

Is capital out of hand? State racers can be confident that there is no shortage of options – this is not the only city popular with followers. Edinburgh, Belfast, Liverpool and Manchester are the other 10 British cities in the top 10 in the 76 index.

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