How to send self-destructive messages?

WhatsApp: ¿Cómo enviar mensajes que se autodestruyen?

Those who created little by little Share They are innovating Processor It will surpass its competition by combining more and more excellent tools and functions.

One of the most anticipated and requested functions by users is the ability to send messages and photos and they will self-destruct once the recipient sees them.

It should be remembered that this is a tool with such applications Telegraph They already own it and thanks to the latest WhatsApp update, it has become a nightmare.

How To Send Self Destruction Messages On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has created two tools that have the ability to delete messages and photos you send yourself, the first temporary news, launched in 2020, and the second, unique multimedia display, launched this year.

The most recent WhatsApp update allowed the arrival of self-destructive messages.  We explain how they work

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Temporary messages from Share They only allow the sender to see selected messages in chat, private or group for 7 days, after which they will disappear.

To activate this type of message, all you have to do is enter the chat, enter the username or group name, and then select “Temporary Messages”.

By doing this, this function will be activated, so all sent messages will be deleted after 7 days.

The unique multimedia viewing tool is the latest development of WhatsApp and allows the recipient to delete photos and videos with these settings after viewing them.

If the contact who sent this type of content does not see the picture or video within 14 days, it will be automatically deleted permanently.

While this functionality is very useful, WhatsApp has made it clear that if the recipient takes a screenshot while viewing the content, they may have a copy.

To send this type of message, all you have to do is select the multimedia file you want to send and click on the “1” number that appears on the side of the text bar.

Once done, single multimedia display mode will be enabled only for the image or video you are about to send.

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