“Field of Dreams” 2022: It’s red against cubs

"Field of Dreams" 2022: It's red against cubs

A few days ago, MLP hosted their “Field of Dreams” event live from Iowa. It was a real success and everyone was talking about it, which gave the league good publicity.

At this point, one can expect a lot of stories to emerge from it. This is the reason why a TV series about this concept is presented to amateur people.

But back to the game.

In view of the success of the tournament in Iowa, Rob Manfred announced that the game would be withdrawn in 2022. It was only to know the teams.

My prediction is to see the cardinals against the cubs. Why? To match. To bring the competition to the national level. Because by 2020 the cards will replace the Yankees.

In the end, I’m not far off: it’s red against the cubs.

Watching the Reds without a bad club holds the historical aspect of the game. Like puppies, of course.

The magic may be less, but the game will still attract attention.

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