A great newcomer absolutely loves an entire city!

Jalen Green pour ses débuts avec les Rockets NBA

When you come to the NBA, it’s worth it The bestx Work to keep the profile as low as possible to meet expectations. But the best newcomers to vintage decided to attack an entire city and get noticed right away! He may soon regret it …

Self-confidence is an important factor in the success of a great athlete … Without it, it is almost impossible to measure yourself against the best players and climb in the rankings. But you should always keep a certain size, some newcomers will sometimes forget. For example it wasAnthony Edwards simply destroyed Damien Lillard last season !

The result is that in 3 meetings between the Blazers and Timberwolves last year, President All-Star averaged 36 points, 7 assists and 6.3 rebounds. Suffice it to say that he did himself justice in the most beautiful way, i.e. on the ground … Unfortunately, it looks like a young man has not learned a lesson. In fact, Jalan Green made an amazingly incredible statement.

I was very disappointed that the young event of the Rockets was not the first choice of the last draft. Who captivated his world during the Summer League, Attacked the right to snatch it … Everyone in Detroit may hate him, and his welcome to Little Caesar Arena will be tense! Green spoke with Chris Haynes.

I wanted to be # 1 on the draft, but geographically, I don’t want to live in Detroit! In Houston I felt very comfortable. It is a very warm and friendly environment. In Detroit, coming out of the bubble I felt like I was in the G League bubble. I really felt this.

In the bubble, I didn’t do much except go to the gym and I had nothing to walk away from. I can go out and go to my apartment. This is how I felt in Detroit. If I lived there, I would never set foot outside my home. There is nothing to do in this city.

Jalan was mad at Green Pistons for insulting him, so he decided to destroy the whole city! No doubt the people of Detroit will appreciate this hidden insult to their city! One thing is for sure, if they have the minimum pride, the Pistons will make him pay for this lack of respect on the field next season.

Jalan Green promotes himself and tries to find an adversary in the NBA … Is it necessary to follow the whole city of Detroit? Probably not! Especially a snoop worse than second place in the draft!

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