NFL: 10 players to watch this season

NFL: 10 players to watch this season

Lamar Jackson – Quarterback, Baltimore Ravens

With his unique style, crazy races and extraordinary agility, Jackson is a divisive player. Yet he won the MVP of last year’s title, and will be one of the contenders again this season. For the former Louisville University player, it will be mainly a question of whether he can win the play-offs. The Ravens have been out of the game for the past two seasons and Jackson has been below his standards.

Tom Brady – Quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After twenty seasons with the New England Patriots (and 9 Super Bowls played and 6 unbeaten wins in league history), Brady (43) completely changed the rhythm and left New England for Florida. And Tampa Bay. His performances will be explored in great detail and the lack of pre-season matches will hurt him in the first two months. In his favor, being with Rob Kronkowski is a very high level receiver including his automatism and Mike Evans.

Renowned quarterback Tom Brady starts a new challenge with Tampa Bay after 20 seasons with the New England Patriots.  (Winslow Downson / USA Today Games / Press Games)

Renowned quarterback Tom Brady starts a new challenge with Tampa Bay after 20 seasons with the New England Patriots. (Winslow Downson / USA Today Games / Press Games)

Joe Burrow (Quarterly, Cincinnati Bengal)

The last draft No. 1 returned to his native Ohio for his professional debut. But the amount of work is enormous, having survived four seasons and has not won a play-off game since 1990. His historic season with the state of Louisiana (National Degree and Trophy for Outstanding University Player) allowed him to fill self-confidence but he had to express himself in a much less favorable environment.

Game Newton – Quarterback, New England Patriots

Between New England coach Bill Belichick and Newton, the honeymoon seems like a miracle. The former MVP (in 2015-2016) was blatantly rejected by Carolina, but found a better platform to start his career again. Belichick continues to praise his new player, who has been with Tom Brady for more than 20 years, without a game, and has been praising him more in a few weeks. Newton will remain a key player on the team this season as staff have been reduced by several managers (those who preferred to avoid playing due to the Covit-19 epidemic).

Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback, Kansas City Leaders

The MVP of the 2018 season then became the winner and the MVP of the last Super Bowl, the Mahomes almost turning Tom Brady into the “league face”. At almost 25, he signed a contract until 2031, which could earn him up to $ 503 million. His first game against Houston (3 Touch Down Assist) indicates he has a better chance of continuing to progress than he has experienced this year’s setback.

George Kittil – Tight Receiver, San Francisco 49ers

The author of a fantastic season that brought San Francisco to the Super Bowl, Kittle was awarded a new five-year contract and a $ 75 million prize, making him the highest paid player in his place. With a perfect physique in this position (1.93m, 113kg), he must ensure that he is a complete athlete, especially in catching the ball, especially in blocking opposing defenders in the running game.

George Kitt took the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl last season.  (Kyle Derata / USA Today Games / Press Games)

George Kitt took the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl last season. (Kyle Derata / USA Today Games / Press Games)

Diandre Hopkins – Receiver, Arizona Cardinals

Hopkins was at the center of the summer surprise business, and Houston sent him to Arizona, where Bill O’Brien (Texans head coach and general manager) did not particularly appreciate him on a human level. The Cardinals have recovered a player with an average of 105 receptions, 1,372 yards and 10 touchdowns over the past three seasons. They lasted two years and up to $ 54 million. His relationship with other receiver Larry Fitzgerald (a future member of the Hall of Fame) and Kyler Murray may already be concerned about counter-security.

Christian McCaffrey – Courier, Carolina Panthers

The most versatile player in the league, McCaffrey had a total of 19 touchdowns last year at 1,387 yards on the ground and 1,005 in the sky. The question for him this year is how he will be called up under the new regime led by rookie head coach Matt Rule, so he will find the NFL after seven seasons at the university level (Baylor after Temple). McCaffrey will be one of the best players to watch playing anyway.

Aaron Donald – Line-Back, Los Angeles Rams

As the best defender in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, Donald is one of the best defenders to ever be presented with in a fantastic position (at the heart of the defensive line, to deal with the defense). His ability to track counterattacks, appearing behind the opposing attack line-up, will be one of the keys to the Rams’ success this season as they look to successfully launch their new system at Sophie Stadium. Audiences until they see you again.

Miles Carrot Defender, Cleveland Browns

In Cleveland, all eyes are often on the quarterback Mayfield or star receiver Odel Beckham Jr., who is not shy in front of two players microphones. But Browns’ season with a new coach still depends on the performance of Miles Carrot. 2020 may be the year of redemption for a defender who completes 2019 prematurely and is suspended for hitting an opponent on the head with a torn helmet from him. So its behavior will be monitored just like its production.

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