MLP: Teascar Hernandez Frappy Sun 20e Circuit

Seattle – Theoscar Hernandez and Randall Crick scored home runs in the second inning to give the Seattle Mariners an 8-3 lead over the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday.

The Toronto team needed four long balls to avoid the sweep.

This is the 20th home run for both Hernandez and Crick this season. Both sluggers pulled their room against Rookie Mariners pitcher Logan Gilbert.

So Blue Jays left Seattle without causing a loss in the US rankings. In a match for teams thus designed the Mariners lost the opportunity to overtake their opponents.

Cubes Abraham Toro won by four appearances.

“What was in the past will be in the past,” Hernandez said. We are going to focus on the last two games we are going to play in Washington and try to beat them to get home in good condition. “

Alejandro Kirk added two runs in the third inning and embraced defeat in three games using a strong start by Torontonians starter Steven Mates.

After a few attacks in the first two duels of the series, the Mariners have no confidence against the Mats. When JP Crawford hit a single in the first inning, it was their only win against Southpaw. Two bad throws and a passing ball then allowed Crawford to come and score.

The other two runs of the Mariners were produced by Kyle Seeker, who hit his 26th homer in the eighth.

“We had some opportunities,” Mariners manager Scott Service said. We need a big win to get back in the game, we didn’t achieve that. “

In short, we continue to play good baseball. Good teams are hard to wipe out, and they have excellent offensive training. “

Hernandez scored a home run in the second consecutive game.

Blue Jays took advantage of Gilbert (5-4) lagging behind in the score and was not accurate in his cracking range. Both Hernandez and Crick sent Gilbert’s crack shot into the stand.

Hernandez added a single and a double in the third. When called for a seventh strike, he missed the chance to finish the carousel.

“It’s no different,” Hernandez said of his recent best shows. When I get a good batting pitch, I play the ball with good contact, which creates wins. “

Corey Dickerson and Marcus Semyon added long balls late in the game against long Yolo Ramirez. This is Simian’s 27th round.

The Mets (10-7) stayed on the mat for only five innings and had to take a lot of shots. He finished with four strikeouts, limiting the Mariners to three wins and one run.

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