It is very difficult to specify the test / physics

It is very difficult to specify the test / physics

UniversityThat means testingThe results will be open today, and the big selection center will hold a press conference today to announce the results. If the upper score is used as the lower score after the discrimination index, the number of English and biology subjects will be much higher in the last 5 years, indicating a new rise in discrimination; In contrast, the number is second. After subtracting the body from the upper score to the lower score, this is a new decline in the last 5 years, and the level of discrimination is worse.

According to the five standards of the past years, the physical high is only 66 points, which is 11 years lower, which is a difficult year; The standard below number B is 21 points, which is the lowest number in the last five years, and the relatively simple year. Zoou Zhaomin, director of the University Selection Center, analyzed that there will be a lot of physical calculations this year, and that the numbers will be much better and the level of discrimination will be lower. Proper review and adjustment will be made in the future.

Zhao Jamin explained that after deducting the lowest score from the first score of two subjects this year, the values ​​are the lowest in the last five years, which indicates bad discrimination. Physics Advanced Low Standard 47 points, which is 1 to 2 multiple choice question marks lower than previous years; The number B top and bottom auctions are 62 points, which is 1 multiple choice question score lower than previous years.

According to statistics, the English top mark is 84 points, five years high, but the first score is minus point 63 points, which is 2 to 4 more exam questions than the previous years, which is 5-years higher, showing that the level of discrimination has improved; 82 points is the highest in the last five years, but the first score is minus 50 points, which is 3 more exam questions than in previous years which is a new high in the last five years, which also shows that the level of discrimination has improved.

Zhou Zhaomin clarified today that the Grand Selection Center conducted a telephone voice system hearing voice selection on August 14th. However, after entering the score on the system, the organizer forgot to delete the system data from the system, so the exit marks on the Internet. Applicants are requested to indicate the information in the query system which is open from 9 am today. The query URL is as follows:

This year, the large test center indicated it had opened an integrated order for lunch, and about 10,000 people ordered food. Chao Jamin announced today that the food will then be paid for by the Ministry of Education, and candidates ordering the food will not have to pay.

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