Asteroid Earth demonstrates Newton’s first legal Twitter video

Asteroid Earth demonstrates Newton's first legal Twitter video

WASHINGTON: Most scientists believe this must have happened because of an asteroid collision about the extinction of dinosaurs from Earth. It is believed that the collision of an asteroid with the Earth is so intense that parts of the dinosaurs need to reach space.

Is this what happened to real dinosaurs?

The video showing the toy dinosaur in this video, which was recently shared on the Twitter account @WEIRDPHYSICS, was shared on Twitter. This dinosaur stood on a tram and fell into something like a huge ball. Initially, toy dinosaurs were intact. But the dinosaurs will jump to the top when the ball-like object reappears from below. This video has been viewed 1.4 million times.

Newton’s first law of motion is explained in the video. In this post, do users want anything to happen to similar real dinosaurs?

Demonstration of Newton’s first law

– Physics (@WElRDPHYSICS) August 13, 2021

Asteroid collision

In Peter Branan’s 2017 book ‘The End of the World’, geophysicist Mario Repolto is quoted in the book as the atmospheric pressure of the asteroid’s abyss begins on the ground. Then there is no asteroid collision with Earth.

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Dinosaur bones on the moon?

Peter Branon, the award-winning science journalist, further explained in his book, Repoleto said: ‘This asteroid is so large that it does not cause any damage when it enters the atmosphere and falls completely to the ground. Due to the pressure caused by the asteroid a vacuum was created in the sky instead of air. As the wind blew to fill this void, parts of the earth went beyond orbit.

Ripoldo also shows the possibility that dinosaur bones may have been on the moon.

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