Amazon wants to monitor the activities of its customer service employees

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The company has invested in software to monitor mouse and keyboard movements. The e-commerce company promotes the security of its customer data to track its customers.

Does it spy on its employees to protect its customers? U.S. e-commerce leader Amazon has invested in software to track the mouse movements and keyboard interactions of its employees. According to Motherboard, Amazon, which has seized the confidential document dedicated to the affair, will report the security of its customers as “attempts to steal data” from the latter.

The system will create a profile specific to each employee, with the aim of detecting abnormal movements so that they can directly follow mouse and keyboard movements aimed directly at potential frustration.

“We are considering an option that captures every keyboard movement”, we learn from the document.

Motherboard Amazon states that “this information is needed to combat various threats.” The company actually reports several examples of attacks that have surfaced. Of these, people steal the profile of customer service employees in order to retrieve the personal data of the customers of the online store.

“Anonymous” data

And according to this confidential document, Amazon will be subject to legal “restrictions” to collect this data from its employees. To do this, the company has become “highly secure” software, which allows profiles to be anonymized.

The motherboard finally says, according to a survey NBC News, Companies like Apple and Amazon have made many investments to monitor their employees in the telecommunications environment, for example, by installing cameras in their homes. The company recently announced that the end of delivery for its employees will not take place before January 2022.

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