Actress Emma Stone returns to the Disney series

Actress Emma Stone returns to the Disney series

Actress Emma Stone returns as a sequel to the movie Crula. After all, this is what the American news site Deadline says.

Since its release last June, the Disney film Crula Success all over the world. And 101 actress Emma Stone, the American actress who was privileged to play the villain Dalmatians.

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After the film’s critical and commercial success, Disney Studios decided to create a sequel. In fact, Crula It grossed $ 221,876,944 worldwide at the box office.

This new creation will again be directed by Craig Gillespie (Best times, I am Tonia) According to the Deadline news site, Emma Stone will also be in the game.

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Emma Stone will return her features to Cruella

The American media promises that the American media has signed on to play Disney Kurula2. I have to say that his participation is still uncertain.

Two weeks ago, after the Scarlett Johansson lawsuit, the mouse-ear studio found itself in the middle of a heated debate.

The Black Widow translator has filed a lawsuit against Disney for breach of contract. The reason? The company chose to air the Marvel film in theaters and streaming.

According to the actress who plays the lead role in this blockbuster, the film was to be released only in theaters. The strategy used by the Disney team would have cost the actress a huge amount of money.

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This situation also applies to Emma Stone Crula Shown in theaters and on the streaming stage. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latter considered following the example of his co-worker.

It is clear that the red-haired actress has changed her mind: ” This deal between Disney and Emma Stone proves that there can be a reasonable way to protect artists and effectively align studio interests. ยป, The artist’s agent pointed out near the deadline.

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