Le réalisateur américain au festival de Cannes, en mai 2019.

If he had listened to his mother, Tarantino would never have made the film

The American director admitted to having a certain rage following a memorable teenage argument.

There are healing angers over time. Then, on the contrary, there are those who have been cultivated and strengthened for many years. In her youth, Quentin Tarantino I loved filling notebooks, creating stories, scenes and polishing his quill. As fitness turned into a frenzy, the prospective filmmaker’s schooling at the Oscars began to suffer, which was a good day for him, receiving a memorable sermon from his mother Connie McHugh. After all, the now 58-year-old director has not yet forgiven his mother.

“She was already talking to me about something else. In the middle of her little fight, she said to me: ‘Oh, and this little writing career?’, With quotes in her fingers, ‘Are you writing this little business? This shit is over now!’, He told Quentin Tarantino on July 28 on the American Podcast microphone Moment with Brian Koppelman. The director, returning to a decisive part of his youth, recalled that at the time, it was difficult to give him the slightest interest in what he did not like. In short, very few, except for movies and characters that do not escape parental awareness. “When I was 12, 13 or 14, I started writing scripts, The American filmmaker mentioned. Suddenly I was spending my time at school. All the time. Then one day my teachers told my mom about it. “

Long-term revenge

Quentin Tarantino Cabotin insisted Pulp Fiction And Jackie Brown. “The day she told me, in that ridiculous tone, I said to myself: ‘Well, my little girl! When I am a successful writer, you will not see even a penny of my success. You have no home, no vacation. At least Mom has no Elvis Cadillac. .You will get nothing for what you told me. ” But was there a rift between the bad guy in Hollywood and his mother? No way. “She wanted to say: ‘When you have to do something else, don’t do it in class.’, The filmmaker immediately clarified to his hilarious narrators.

Quentin Tarantino, however, kept his word of promise from the height of his 12 or 14 years: his mother, still alive, had not changed a single penny on the doorstep of a luxury sedan or five-star apartment. “I helped him with the story of the lines, but zero houses, zero Cadillacs!”, The filmmaker proudly pointed out. The moral of the story is provided by the director: “Your words have consequences. Remember this when you make fun of your children! Despite this green advice, Quentin Tarantino did not stop writing. After signing for many years during the screenplay of his films, the author is releasing his last novel this summer, which is a free adaptation of his last film, Once upon a time in Hollywood.

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