WhatsApp finally introduces chat history transfer feature between Android phones and iOS phones

WhatsApp ने आखिरकार शुरू की Android फोन और iOS फोन के बीच चैट हिस्ट्री ट्रांसफर फीचर
WhatsApp has finally introduced its chat history transfer feature. Users have been waiting a long time for this and the company is constantly asking users to come up with a feature that will change the chat history in the app. In fact, when a user switches from an Android phone to an iPhone, he also needs the chat history of the WhatsApp account. That’s why now WhatsApp is the last to launch this feature which is becoming very essential for use on the part of the users. This allows users to change the chat history between their Android phone and iOS phone.

Of Kismochina Report It is noteworthy that the popular social media site WhatsApp announced this at the 2021 event unpacked Samsung Galaxy. Previously the process of changing chat history was complicated and may involve third-party applications, the company now seems to offer a simpler solution. For now, Samsung smartphones will be the first to be compatible with chat transfer for the iPhone. However, we can expect this feature to be available for some iOS and Android devices soon in the future.

WhatsApp claims that a user’s chat history is encrypted on their own devices, and that migrating chats with voice notes have caused many technical problems. But the company seems to be working with the world’s largest smartphone maker to overcome this barrier. The messaging-based company that owns Facebook said, “WhatsApp will cover your entire WhatsApp chat history in an intuitive and secure way – including voice notes, photos and conversations – if you want to change mobile operating systems -” Huh.

This feature allows people to switch between sites they want and take their WhatsApp history with them. This feature is available for users of Android and iOS systems – meaning people can switch from Android to iOS and iOS to Android. It will start on Android and Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones. Users can move their WhatsApp history from iOS to Android devices and then to iOS devices.

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