The Pope encourages us to take up the challenge of cultivating religion

The Pope encourages us to take up the challenge of cultivating religion

The pope sent a video message to a conference on religious life in Latin America and the Caribbean held online from August 13-15. In his speech, he returns to his most favorite themes, especially the sense of humor in upbringing and social life.

The theme of the meeting was “Towards an Interracial, Cultural and Travel Religious Life”. Reminder “The Importance of the Challenge to Develop Faith in the Sacred Life”, Fran பிரான்ois insists “Unity is not unity, it is plural unity”.

Reconciliation, lived by the Holy Spirit, leads “In the sense of a healthy and open culture for evaluating differences and unique values”. So religion has a fundamental role to play “The development of theology that does not adapt to local reality and the vector of the gospel. We must not forget that faith without culture is not real.”, The Pope of Argentina insists.

“Enter the lives of faithful people, respect its customs and traditions, cultivate faith and strive to reach the gospel of culture.”, Francis advises, thus returning to the themes addressed during the Synod on the Amazon, especially throughout his Pontifical.

Denial of upbringing leads to mission failure

The Pope also issued a stern warning about the infertility of certain approaches that impose cultural models in the name of the supposed spread of Christianity. “When this upbringing does not take place, the Christian life, and the more sacred life, ends in the most abominable and absurd enlightenment stages. For example, we have seen the misuse of the cult. It is not the ideology and truth of the people, it is not the gospel.”, The Bishop of Rome regrets.

“Sacred Life is an expert in unity; Sacred life is a journey that promotes brotherhood, In contrast to the anguish of a future society and the nostalgia of a better past, the pope explains, regretting seeing some communities sink. “How many times in our church do we count the number of men or women, or the curves of decline. It is a temptation to survive.

“This nostalgia is really the siren song of religious life”, Rather encouraging Pope warns “Walk with the Lord in the Paths of Faith”, By merging “Holy People of God” Where he is, with respect and joy.

Joy and humor open the way to holiness

“Peace, joy, sense of humor” Basic dimensions of religious life. “It is very sad to see holy men and women who have no sense of humor and take everything seriously. Please. Be happy to be with Jesus, and have the ability to have this sense of humor that gives holiness.”, Emphasizes the Pope, referring to his reading of the Apostolic Exhortation Rejoice and be glad.

“God bless you and the Holy Spirit will give you the light of His grace so that you will always be men and women of meeting and brotherhood. May the Blessed Virgin watch over you. She knows meeting, brotherhood, patience, nurturing. She knows everything. Let her take care of you.”, Francis, asks the clergy to pray for him.

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