The famous London Arcade will close permanently after 25 years


Play for free and after hours of other all-out subscription packages it becomes more and more complicated for the pocket credit of empty gamblers, pulling a blow from the good old arcades of the last century. And if even the Japanese were affected, you can imagine how complicated the situation on the old continent would be.

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The escalators of the famous SEGA Ikebukuro Hall are only a month away from walking. From the closed mourning of our neighbor Nemko Funscape throughout Sam, to an arcade and entertainment room established for a quarter of a century on the banks of the Thames.

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Namco Funscape, located opposite Westminster Palace and the equally famous London Eye, ceased operations on August 12, at 6.30pm, after welcoming less than 50 million visitors, according to site estimates. Arcade Heroes. The managers of the place apparently split one Farewell message :

Twenty-five years later, London’s premier entertainment venue, located in the iconic County Hall building, has closed.
We are devastated for this historic site that has delighted families, friends and businesses around the world for 25 years
We look forward to meeting you again at another NAMCO location, thanks for these wonderful memories!

But with 12 bowling alleys and an area dedicated to virtual reality (including the famous Mario Kard VR you’ll really want to try), that place will not be included in the long list of victims of a particular crowned virus. No, if Namco leaves the Funscape business, the London County Hall next door will need room to expand its own entertainment activities. Hosting marine life fish or Shrek’s adventure attraction is better than the crazy neighboring terminals of its grandeur.

The future of the place where this great place is located gives us hope and we are very eager to set foot in the capital of London. Aren’t you

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