Leave for the moon!

Leave for the moon!

Name Rocket Laboratory Not well known to the general public. In the shadow of SpaceX, Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin, this company does not have to be ashamed in the biggest face. The New Zealand-based US company plans to launch its first lunar satellite Captain.

Cap stone

The goal of this mission is to gather information for NASA to create the future Gateway, A New International Space Station around the moon It has been in operation since 2017. Another goal is to send humans to the moon by 2024. Capstone will collect data on propulsion requirements for orbit around the moon, but it will also test navigation systems.

Rocket Laboratory

Despite the company’s recent failures, NASA chose the Rocket Laboratory for this task so that it could rely on multiple companies and avoid relying on one or two players.

The Artemis project is ambitious. Even if the man is already down, it is very difficult to reproduce the experience. To achieve this plan, it relies on a number of private companies such as SpaceX, whose starship will land on the moon.

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