Joey Votto writes another chapter in his story

Joey Votto writes another chapter in his story

Towards the end of his career, he will be considered one of the first three Canadians to play in major league baseball with Larry Walker and Ferguson Jenkins (respectable for League Walk) from Toronto. His overall performance will largely open the doors to the Hall of Fame.

Earlier this season, he joked that his young teammates didn’t know the real Joey Votto. The line he is currently experiencing highlights his potential.

Against the Phyllis yesterday, Voto scored his 14th home run in 19 games (26th this season), a new team mark for the Reds. This historic achievement is even more impressive considering the sheer number of talents that have marched through the dealership from the old Riverfront Stadium to the present day.

At 37, Votto is an event. Not only is he a remarkable bowler, he is also a very colorful man. His interactions with young fans this season and his past years and his sophisticated positions make him a different person.

Recall that a few weeks ago he mentioned that he was tired of hearing more negative comments about Astros and that it was time to go.

Battle quiet in recent years, he initially admitted his decline, but his 2021 season is up to his usual standard.

Normally, Voto’s inspiring performances have a very positive effect on his team’s performance and are still at the heart of the race in first place at the Centros de la National. He is second to Cincinnati Brewers in seven games.

A career-over .300 hitter, he hit Votto.285 this season and he consistently kicked the ball out of the stadium. Although he is no longer young, he is still confident in his defense and his enthusiasm takes over his training game after the game.

Notably, he is expected to enter the 2,000-hit club in the next few days, currently at 1,998.

Like good wine, Ontarian matures and regains his small full-bodied taste that has isolated him in the eyes of many pitchers since 2008, when he finished second in the Rookie of the Year poll since 2008 and second in the Giovanni Choto of Cubs.

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