“Helping Russell Westbrook Guides Succeed”

Russell Westbrook inquiet après le début cata des Wizards en NBA

In Russell’s passage Westbrook The guides would have been mixed … the owners found the playoffs with difficulty, but did not actually pass a syllabus at the Eastern Conference. In fact, for GM, leaving the All-Star Point Guard would be a great thing to say, whether his impact is limited.

For now, this is the summer exchange: Russell Westbrook Sent to the Lakers against Kyle Kuzma, Montreal Harrell and Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope! The news on the Los Angeles page is clear: everything has to be done to win the title in the next two years, especially when there is no time to wait for an explosion at the highest level of Kyle Kuzma.

Westbrook is still a leader with three times the average shooter, and there is no doubt that he will bring real extra value compared to Dennis Schrder or Alex Caruso … but can he leave the right place? LeBron James And Anthony Davis At the tight end of the game? The question is undoubtedly the success of the Lakers.

The plan on the wizards side is also clear: surround Bradley Peel with several talented players, especially to release a certain weight at the attack level. In fact, according to owner GM Tommy Shepard, releasing the All-Star Point Guard is the best way to regain NBA success. He spoke at the press conference:

I had an open-minded conversation with old draftsman Russell Westbrook, and it was important to him that he was the owner and knew little about his desire to return to Los Angeles. If we have any chance with the lockers, we will release him. I am always ready to help players as long as they help the owners win. For me, this business contributes to the success of the guides.

According to Tommy Shepherd, allowing Russell Westbrook to return to Los Angeles is another step in the right direction for the guides. KCP stimulus, hopeful Kyle Kuzma and especially the former 6th man of the Montreal Harrell year, the rights of the capital will be deeper than in recent seasons … in the presence of Spencer Dinvid!

If there are results, combining superstars will prove that it is not always the right solution … It is sometimes better for two superstars to have the same and deeper team than to walk with each other. I hope this formula is correct, otherwise Bradley Peel may lose patience and finally ask to leave.

As a priority, Russell Westbrook will not be missing from the Wizards next season. If the recruits are at the expected level, they may soon forget him in the capital!

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