The solar system was discovered near us

The solar system was discovered near us
A team of astronomers from the University of Geneva has discovered a new solar system near our solar system, which includes three Planets Giant Tellurik and Gas.

Located in the constellation Cassiopeia, this solar system contains three terrestrial planets of the Earth type, but the largest and the largest gas planet. They all describe the orbits around a star that is slightly cooler than the Sun.

This solar system is close to us because it is 21 light years away.

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“After the first measurements, after we determined that one of the Telluric planets (photo) had completed its revolutionary movement in just 3 days, we decided to call immediately. NASA Observation time with the Spitzer Space Telescope, “explained astronomer Athi Mottalebi.

Fortunately, the observations allowed the Exoplanet to capture the intervening moment between its star and Earth. Event Traffic – actually a small eclipse. The capture of the transit phenomenon allows to estimate the radius of the planet, thanks to the small shadow that falls on the mother star. Once the radius of the planet is known, scientists can calculate the density of the plant and estimate the composition of its atmosphere.

Measurements show that the planet is 4.5 times larger than Earth and 1.6 times larger in diameter. Its density is close to the density of the Earth and its structure is similar. However, the planet is so close to the parent star that the temperature is so high on its surface that it allows liquid water and indirectly life to exist.

The planet completes its revolutionary movement in just 3 days. “It’s very close to the star … AFP. From Geneva.

Astronomers hope to catch the transit phenomenon of the other two planets soon and learn more about them.

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