The smartphone will finally get the rights to two major Android updates

Honor Magic3 - Honor

After saying that the Honor Magic 3 is only going to get a big Android update, i.e. Android 12 this fall, the Chinese manufacturer quickly changed its mind.

Hours after the launch of its new Honor Magic 3, the Chinese manufacturer 9To5 told our colleagues on Google that their smartphone is entitled to only one major update: Android 12.

Honor Magic 3 - Respect
Honor Magic 3 – Credit: Respect

The reaction of internet users in this regard was strong and many wondered why a phone sold from 899 Euros is going to benefit from such a bad follow up to the level of updates. Facing opposition to this announcement, Respect finally receded.

A representative of Honor told the Android Commission that the recently announced Magic 3 series will receive. At leastTwo major Android operating system updates namely Android 12 and Android 13 in 2022, Not to mention the period when smartphones receive important security updates.

Only two year updates on Honor

By updating its smartphones for only two years, the Honor is performing worse than its competitors. In fact, thanks to the combination between Oxygen OS and Color OS Base, OnePlus can now deliver 3 years of major Android updates on its flagship devicesIncluding OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro.

Following the presentation of the Snapdragon 888, we announced that Google and Qualcomm will jointly allow Android smartphones to be updated for a longer period of time. In fact, smartphones equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor can theoretically be updated in 3 years for Android updates, and 4 years for security updates. Nonetheless, Honor seems to have decided not to overuse the potential of its smartphones.

On the Google page, the US company recently announced that it is entitled to 5-year updates for its next Pixel 6 and 6 Pro smartphones, viz. Too long for Android smartphones. This is made possible by the adoption of a home-made chip called Tenzer. Google integrated it better into its device than it could do with the Snapdragon chip. Finally, Apple retains its throne when it comes to tracking. Some of its iPhones have recently benefited from their seventh major update.

Source: Android Authority

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