The PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch come with three great remastered games

The PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch come with three great remastered games

When fans of the license see any news Grand Theft Auto VIWe learn the best news: Rockstar He was working on the redesign of three cult games from Saga.

An ambitious project

One of the most popular video game licenses in the world, Grand Theft Auto The spirits were deeply marked. A few years after its release GTA V, Fans are paying attention to the noise on the bit, and the little rumors about Saga’s sixth Opus. However, Rockstar did not want to suspend the license in half, And decided to spoil the fans in the best way.

We talked a few months ago, There are many rumors that Rockstar is planning to revamp Saga’s best games. Although the news has not been officially announced by the studio, From our American colleagues கோடகு It was revealed that these renovations were actually planned by the studioAnd, this, much sooner than expected.

In fact, Rockstar was working on a renovation GDA III, GTA: Sub City And GTA San Andreas, On the twentieth anniversary GDA III. These updates, scheduled for October or November 2021, will be released on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, Stadia, mobiles and Nintendo Switch.. True to the original games, the games will be modified with Unreal Engine. During the same period, the American company will provide a new Zen port GTA V And GTA Online.

More good news, Rather than offering games individually, Rockstar can choose a package plan, For that purpose Life Strange, The Saga distributed by Square Enix will be redesigned in early 2022. Yet accordingly கோடகுIf these restorations are successful, Rockstar is considering a redesign of the first game of its other cult license: Red dead recovery.

This news confirms the success of restorators and video game remakes. After the remake hit Evil of citizenship Capcomin, in Final Imagination VII D Square Enix, d The Legend of Zelda: Awareness of Link And HD Remaster The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, We hope the studios will continue to dust off the video game classics. So, one day we will find a remake or remaster The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Of Bethesda. What cult video game remakes do you expect? Feel free to respond in the comments!

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