Russell Wilson (Seahawks): “We could be the best offense in the NFL”

Russell Wilson (Seahawks): "We could be the best offense in the NFL"

The Seahawks had their 17th NFL offense in 2020. 8th in scoring points. 16th in the Boss. 12th on the ground.

According to Russell Wilson, all of this will be very high in 2021.

“I think we could be the first offense in the NFL,” Quarterback told reporters Sunday. “I do not understand why we can not. We have what it takes. We are ready. We were good last year, but we could be even better. Then we added Gerald Everett, a real game maker and Will Disley. […] Our riders, Chris Carson shows what can be done. I think he is the best in his position, so we need to find ways to give him the ball. I think the most important thing for us is to pay attention to all the details, to be aggressive, to take every opportunity or run. With this aggressive mindset, tell yourself that every time you touch the ball, you are going to score. “

If summer is always a time of hope, Wilson goes a long way and everyone is so beautiful.

However, in managing the tempo, the quarterback can only blame himself, or almost. Because with the new attack coordinator Shane Waltron, he now has complete freedom to change games.

“I always have the right to change games often. […] Throughout the game, I think it’s important to do that all the time. I think it’s a little different. I have freedom, that’s for sure. The fun part is, there are a lot of things we can do. This is exceptional. “

In practice, the attack can go fast, and Wilson adjusts things as needed when his teammates line up.

“If you paid attention, we did just that in the first series. It’s really happening on the Screammage line.”

It should also be noted that on his long list, Wilson did not appreciate his line-up. They may play a key role in eventually taking the attack to new heights.

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