Jude Walker et une membre de sa famille.

Jude (Sky) Walker marches to Westminster

By Mail Norban | Posted on 08/13/2021 at 13:46 and updated on 08/13/2021 at 13:55

An 11-year-old boy named Jude Walker has almost embarked on a Tolkiens search, hoping it will help save the planet. A message that resonates For the latest IPCC report. Within the document, we were warned of the need to act quickly to combat climate change on our planet, which could have dire consequences in the coming decades and centuries.

To bring a ring from Frodo Baggins’ beloved county, Jude Walker set out on foot, leaving his native Yorkshire with the intention of joining the British Parliament in Westminster, central London. In contrast to the protagonist of JRR Tolkien’s literary story, the young Englishman carries with him more than a simple ring: the emissions of about 320 km he undertakes collecting signatures for a petition in favor of the formation of a line on carbon.

Somewhat inspired by Swedish activist Greta Dunberg, the boy from Hepton Bridge in the north of England embarks on an adventure that takes him through the fields and mountains. Traveling 16km a day, he is expected to take turns arriving at St. James’ Park on Saturday with his friends and family.

According to Jude Walker, the carbon line he is campaigning for marks an important step in the race against the slowing down of what he calls the current path of humanity. A dystopian world »(Against Utopianism). In an interview with Reuters while in Woburn Sands, 30 km north of London, he said: “ We now know a lot about climate change and I think the carbon tax will definitely be one of the most effective solutions. […] The effects of climate change are already being felt. We must act now to avoid catastrophic consequences in the future.. ⁇

The UK government has responded to a boy’s promise that the first economists and polluters to legislate to zero net carbon emissions rates by 2050 will pay for their programs.

Jude Walker’s company speaks at the United Nations Climate Conference on COP26 in Scotland next November. With this in mind, he calls for drastic measures to control climate change. For him, it’s disastrous. ” The summit did not go as planned. Disaster can be avoided .

The petition is currently united Just 60,000 signatures. If a total of 100,000 people sign, it can be formally examined by the British Parliament.

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