First aid cargo arrives from Ukraine Lithuania – Gulpa / Gordon

First aid cargo arrives from Ukraine Lithuania - Gulpa / Gordon

“Ukraine and Lithuania have always stood side by side when it comes to protecting the state border. Today we believe the two of us have a barbed wire fence,” he said.

12 August Ukraine Shipped 38 tons of cargo to Lithuania… Photos published by the state emergency service, in particular, showed that the barbed wire.

“This is the first of three phases of assistance sent by the order of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky and by order of the Cabinet of Ministers. This assistance will help strengthen the security of the Lithuanian border from illegal immigrants.” Said.


Web construction project on the border of Belarus Four meter barbed wire fence With a length of 508 km due to the arrival of migrants, they announced in early August to the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service (SOGGL). Its installation will cost 150 million. Depending on the funding, the fence can take up to three years to build.

By Information On August 11, Lithuanian border guards detained 4,112 migrants at the Belarusian border by Lithuanian state border security services. Most of them – Iraqis, Citizens of Congo, Cameroon, Syria and Iran.

In Lithuania, they believe that Alexander Lukashenko, who calls himself the president of Belarus, has deliberately weakened his control over the border. The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense said Belarus advises illegal immigrants At the border. Prime Minister Ingrida Simonit argued that the transport of immigrants is carried out by legal Belarusian companies specializing in the tourism business. The Lithuanian Ministry of Interior reported on August 3 that a group of illegal immigrants had been identified in Lithuania. With a car used by the State Border Committee of Belarus.

Due to the increasing number of illegal immigrants, the Lithuanian government on July 2 Emergency declared… On July 13, the Lithuanian Seamus officially Recognized the arrival of immigrants from Belarus as a hybrid occupationAnd on August 3rd Lithuania began deporting illegal immigrants to Belarus… from Belarus to Lithuania as of August 9th Not allowed 1200 immigrants.

By Information Belarus State Boundary Board The length of the border with Lithuania is 679 km.

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