Disney exceeds expectations with 116 million Disney + subscribers

Le chiffre des abonnés à Disney+ est suivi de près, comme un baromètre de la capacité du service à croître malgré la sortie progressive de la pandémie.

On Thursday, the Disney Group surprised investors by announcing its third quarter results. Its streaming service, Disney +, has reached 116 million subscribers, surpassing the 113.1 million expected by analysts. It won more than 12.4 million customers in a quarter.

Despite the gradual exit from the epidemic, this figure is closely monitored as a measure of service capacity growth, which has greatly contributed to its success since its launch in late 2019. The figures for the current quarter differ from the disappointing forecasts of its rival Netflix.

Reopening of parks

“Our sites work well,” said Disney boss Bob Sappek. “We now have 174 million subscriptions to Disney +, ESPN + (Sport, Note) and Hulu, and many new content is yet to be released, he explained.

The entertainment company typically satisfied investors with $ 17 billion in sales and a 92% million profit in April and July, up 45%. At the heart of the health crisis is the return to the much-anticipated green after a net loss of $ 4.7 billion over the same period last year.

The U.S. team is recovering from an epidemic that has resulted in the closure of its theme parks around the world and the shutdown of cruise ships. The group has been plagued by declining theater visits for much of the past year.

Concern about delta variability

During the third quarter of the fiscal year, its “Parks, Experiences and Descendants” section restored its colors, especially as amusement parks in Florida and California were partially deregulated, and still functional.

The move generated $ 4.3 billion in revenue, up from $ 1.1 billion a year earlier. The theme parks division’s net profit was $ 356 million, closing most of the parks from a loss of nearly $ 1.9 billion a year ago. However the prevalence of the Delta variant affects Disney, which reintroduced the mask to its visitors in the closed spaces of its amusement parks at the end of July. The state of Florida, where the group’s flagship park, Disney World, is located, is the epicenter of the latest wave of epidemics in the United States, with new infections and hospitalized records in recent days.

In the latter close trade on Wall Street, the group’s title rose 5%, while during the session it remained the same as it had shown since the beginning of the year.

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