A storehouse discovered in Australia, it is "the closest thing to a real dragon"

A storehouse discovered in Australia, it is “the closest thing to a real dragon”

In an article published in the newspaper Monday Journal of Spinal Archeology, The team of scientists announced that they have identified
Australia A new species of pterosaur, a flying creature that lived 110 million years ago
Dinosaurs. Named Tapungaka Shavi, she is about seven meters across and has a large jaw with 40 teeth. Defender, Sent by Geo.

“It simply came to our notice then Dragon Tim Richards, PhD from the University of Queensland and co-author of the invention. The fossil that uncovered these properties is part of the lower jaw that was discovered in northwest Queensland in June 2011.

“The presence of fossils of these animals is amazing”

“The presence of fossils of these animals is so wonderful,” said Tim Richards, underscoring the rarity of such an discovery. Only about 20 models have been found in Australia since the first steroid was discovered about 40 years ago. According to Archaeologists, The carcasses of these creatures are usually swallowed directly by their predators, and their thin bones are unlikely to be buried.

The study by Tim Richards, Paul Stumcutt and Steven Salisbury makes a great breakthrough in understanding the diversity of these creatures found in different parts of the world. For example, the bone marrow found in the fossil would indicate that it was a device associated with theft. As for the 40 teeth of the jaw, this suggests that this type of steroid was a meat dish. “There was nothing like this after they died. It’s exciting to discover new sterose fossils because we only know from this,” concluded Steven Salisbury.

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