This Thursday, rain is expected in some parts of the country

This Thursday, rain is expected in some parts of the country

The National Agency for Meteorology and Hydrology (ENM) forecasts light rain and scattered showers across the country on Thursday due to the advance of tropical wave No. 34 towards eastern Venezuela.

In Caracas, the species predicts fragmented clouds with cloudy intervals; It rained extensively most of the time.

It reports different intensity, electrical activity and occasional wind and wind showers in Julia, Andes, Central and Western Plains, Northeast, Delta Amacro, Miranda, Nueva Espora, Amazonas, Bolivar and Escibo.

Cloudy, rain-prone areas are found in Julia, Tachira, Apure, Cojetis, Curieco, Nueva Esparta, Sucre, Monaco, Delta Amaguro, Amazonas and Bolivar.

The maximum temperature after noon is maintained near 35 C, especially in the Falcon and Laura states.

In terms of sea level, strong swelling is expected in the Gulf of Venezuela on the west coast with waves up to 2.0 m high; Strong swell with waves up to 1.5 m Orinoco Delta, Insular Zone, East and Central Beaches.

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