Siomi is refunding $ 300 to those who purchase this mobile

Xiaomi está devolviendo 300$ a quien compró este móvil

When Xiaomi decided to move from a software company to a hardware company, he wanted to thank the users who trusted him. The company has been selling mobile phones for exactly 10 years Is more or less successful and some buyers want to refund a certain part of their success. Purchased users Xiaomi is the first mobile Now receive one Full refund of the cost incurred by them 10 years ago. During its tenth anniversary, Xiaomi seeks to thank customers who trusted the company at its inception.

Xiaomi is returning $ 300 of the Xiaomi M1 launched in 2011

In August 2011, Xiaomi was introduced Xiaomi M1Your first smartphone. At the expense he did 1999 yuan, about 263 euros or $ 300. The company points out Sold 184,000 units That device and what Refunds the total amount to all users That they still have it at home.

Yes, when you read it: a user bought it Xiaomi M1 10 years ago He still has it, he can talk to the brand to get the 1999 yuan. The “bad” news is that Siomi will not refund, but will refund Will give the user a coupon Spend in your online store

Of course, this only affects Chinese users, as Siomi’s first sales were made only in their home country. We were looking for Xiaomi M1 in Wallabap without any results. Western users rarely have this device in their possession. If he does, he will have to go to China to retrieve the 1999 yuan.

This is a good gesture Siomi, Which refunds to all users Trusted the brand 10 years ago And, to some extent, participants in its current success.

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