Iowa | A first MLB game on the Field of Dreams site

Iowa |  A first MLB game on the Field of Dreams site

“The Field of Dreams” has been in the collective imagination for more than three decades, and a year behind due to an epidemic, one of Hollywood’s most popular corn tours will finally be the venue for a major baseball game on Thursday evening.

Dave Campbell
Associated Press

The Yankees-White Sox clash will take place next to the site used in the 1989 film. The original site is a tourist feature.

“Is this heaven?”

“No, it’s Iowa,” his father Kevin Costner responds in the film’s most touching scene, before throwing the ball under the reflectors.

On Thursday, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and other players of the other era will be replaced by Jose Abrew, Aaron Judge and Company.

The proud state of Iowa, which embodies the essence of the Midwest, has been in the habit of publishing headlines for only four years in the run-up to the election.

For the first time there will be a major league match.

It will be a temporary stadium with about 8,000 seats in Tiresville, which will accommodate less than 4,400 people.

“I walk all over the state and when people hear you come from Tiresville they all know about the game,” said Mayor Jim Heavens. Getting Major League Baseball is a real pride. ”

The film stars Kostner, James Earl Jones, Ray Leotta and Amy Madigan among others.

The original product site was soon announced to be too small for one game. In the new location, where 4,000 tons of sand and 2,000 tons of gravel were stored, it must resemble the old Komiski Park, the former home of the White Sox.

For fun, we even added a maze of corn, right outside the field.

Summers are especially hot and dry in this part of the country. So we have installed the irrigation system on TV to make the harvest better (this match will be telecast exclusively on RDS). Corn should be 10 or 12 feet tall.

Chris Marinak, who heads the key baseball operations and strategy, said, “We wanted to make sure it didn’t end with the brown corn.

Both clubs wear uniforms reminiscent of 1919, and Jackson, who plays white socks, was one of eight players banned for cheating at the World Series.

The story of this group is one of the many themes covered in “The Field of Dreams”, a film that goes beyond the game.

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