Frogs in London: Now you can count on fairy tales

Chaussures de magicien dans des escaliers

She is coming to London in a few more weeks! Frogs in London is a new mobile processor that will give you benefits like rain. An application with class, with thigh … of a frog (obviously!).

In fairy tales, it is well known that princesses must kiss a frog to turn it into a handsome prince. Very rarely, princes even kiss toads to turn them into princesses.

You have to kiss your phone to enjoy the benefits and good deals of a hundred brands, without kneeling in front of a pond in search of precious waterfalls, listen to French radio stations, the latest local availability news … In fact, frogs in London come with you everywhere in your daily life, the real angel of the house!

We all have a mobile to download this mobile application

This application is the result of the collaboration of our newspaper, from London and the French from London.

Tim Helmstater, former French author and organizer of the largest immigration party in the British capital, used subsequent prisons to imagine 100% of its use in social service.

While many were playing “Sleeping Beauty”, his partner Tim and Cecil transformed into “Aladdin and Jasmine” to give us a magic light. You have to rub it to get discounts or offers at your favorite stores. Everyone says they were mesmerized by this new unifying and integrating “Little Mermaid”.

If you are looking for a beautiful cape like “Little Red Riding Hood”, a glass slipper like “Cinderella” or a collection of small white pebbles like “Petit Basset” then this new application is “Robensol”.

See you in a few days in our newspaper for more explanations.

Head of a business or business in London?

Get to know yourself and don’t wait to join the movement! More information by contacting Tim: [email protected] Or Luther: [email protected]

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