Wes Anderson: Everything you need to know about the director’s eleventh film with Tilda Swindon and Margot Robbie

Wes Anderson: Everything you need to know about the director's eleventh film with Tilda Swindon and Margot Robbie

What is it talking about?

Who knows the script for Wes Anderson’s next film. So the American director, who works in his eleventh job, knows how to be prudent and filter information sparingly. The filmmaker also confirmed Variety At the beginning of the summer he “was not ready to share any details”. However, at the end of June, we learned that the filmmaker would begin filming this new film in Spain in late August to early September, which was “not focused on Spain”. Spanish newspaper Country It also said it was building desert scenery in the city Cinzan (Located southeast of Madrid) However, still step Variety, Do not expect Wes Anderson to shoot a Western.

Who will be in the cast?

In the absence of information about the film, a lot is already known about the stars of this secret project. On Monday, August 10, we learned something like this The arrival of Margot Robbie in actingEven if nothing in his character is filtered. She joined Tom Hanks, Another newcomer to Wes Anderson’s world. Without much surprise, Tilda has picked some of her favorite actors for her new film after Swindon. Bill Murray Then Adrian Brady Everyone has joined the ranks of directors in recent months. Everything that was missingOwen Wilson, A recurring character in Anderson’s mud stories.

What release date?

Low key director + epidemic = release date unknown. Once we know what the release is French dispatch Postponed for more than a year so that the film can be presented at the Cannes Film Festival and released “physically” in theaters, we can expect anything.

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