Luca was brutally attacked: “Is that your truck bird?” “

Dégouté, Luka Doncic n'en revient pas sur le banc des Mavs ! NBA

Luca Doncic campaigned brilliantly with Slovenia, cementing his status as a superstar and his place in the world elite. But to a journalist, he doesn’t deserve all the flowers thrown at him … especially when you compare him to a lorry bird!

Luca Tansik Already one of the best players on the planet, no doubt anymore. At the age of 22, and for his first participation in the Olympics, the Mavericks took Slovenia to the semifinals, where he unfortunately broke his teeth on the incredible French team … After the meeting, he was too Recovered to the point of falling into the plot !

In the match for 3rd place against Australia, Luca could do nothing against the famous 42 points of future 6th Man Patty Mills next season! Having never lost on the international stage he had to face two setbacks in a row, which must have been particularly difficult for this big rival to digest.

Fortunately, the good news soon fell: after Trey Young a few weeks ago, he too had a 5 season extension and $ 207 million, especially in Texas! A logical decision for Mark Cuban and Dallas, but it’s annoying at the top … Skip Bailey! The famous analyst destroyed Luke on his show Undeniable :

I don’t know if people really remember Larry Bird … then if he’s your favorite player then you should respect him without putting his name on top of that kid. Luca is not “baby bird”, but “maybe bird”. He does not know how to shoot and the statistics show it. He does not know how to shoot from a distance or from a blow line. 33% in 3 career points? Is that your truck bird?

He won 74% of the free throw, which is incredibly bad! This is terrible for a player with his talent! Even worse in the playoffs, I saw him put Airballs off the line … I’m willing to put all my savings on the fact that Larry Bird has never dropped an Airball in a free throw in his entire life.

As for Skip Palace, Luca Tansik has no A-like skills Larry the bird, Comparing them is almost slander. According to statistics, it is very difficult to disagree with the channel’s journalist FS1… But the biggest difference between the two at the moment is that the Slovenian has no chance to play with the two Hall of Famers on his side! While he relies on other talents, his performance in the playoffs can be criticized …

Injury Donsik Not yet on the level of Larry Bird, it will never be for Skip Palace! A decision and a bold comment about a 22 year old player with a lot of talent!

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