Heart attack while jogging- Corriere.it

Heart attack while jogging- Corriere.it

Lega de Disney’s plot was 62 years old and he was in his third position. He told friends he was getting ready for the New York Marathon

The pain of Lucano Mayor Marco Poradori, who suffered a heart attack Tuesday morning while jogging in a park on the outskirts of Switzerland, lasted less than 24 hours. Sixty-two years old, a member of the Lega de Disney, Poradori has been in charge of the city administration since 2013 and is in his third term. He was one of the most famous political figures in Canton.

The mayor’s conditions were appalling from the beginning to first responders: Boradori had already been found dead by a passerby. He had a heart attack and the heart was restarted only because the area was massaged. The mayor, who was taken to Lugano’s cardiocentro, survived until this afternoon only with the help of machines; Specialists immediately found very severe damage to the brain and other vital organs. Poradori told his friends he was getting ready to run the New York Marathon.

Poradori was a Member of Parliament in Bern in the 1990s and was later elected to Ticino’s Canton State Council. Within Lega de Dicinaci he represented the faction he considered the most moderate and least extremist in the movement’s favorite issues, starting with relations with Italy and the rise of border workers in the Dicino Canton.

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