Why Should You Revise Your Sales Strategy In 2021?


Modern buyers know a lot more about the market than they did 10 years ago. If you are stuck on the old practices to sell, you are probably missing out on so many leads. It’s high time for your sales pitch to reflect what the modern customer wants.

But what do modern customers want actually? Well, they don’t want to be sold stuff for the sake of it.

For instance, looking to subscribe to Charter Spectrum cable service, you wouldn’t want to hear how the provider is the best. Instead, you’d want to be educated on how their service can benefit you. So avoid giving traditional sales pitches.

The best approach is to improve your sales cycle and make it engender customer loyalty. Here is how you can do that:

1: Make It Easier to Close the Deal

If you still have that “contact to request a quote” lying around your website, this needs to change. Selling is already hard. With such messages, you are driving customers away. Instead, work with customers to make sure they understand your product’s value.

Of course, if it’s a bigger deal that requires face to face meeting or getting a quote makes sense, you can always add the contact us form. But if it’s a smaller deal, it should be closed by answering questions and by offering timely customer service.

2: Tell the Benefit and Try Not to Sell

You can sell on the modern buyers. To be honest, when they interact with a website, call or visit a store, they come in with their own pre-determined set of opinions and ideas about your product or service.

You can’t influence them to make a purchase. So, prepare your sales team to handle incoming inquires. Tell them the benefit of your product, why they should and you will see how sales skyrocket.

But there might be question wondering in your might where Can I tell those benefits to the customers, will it cost me much, don’t worry there is a way which is used by lots of ecommerce owners to reach their new customers which is the best free press release sites, which can tell the new customers what you wanted to say

3: Sales and Support Must Unite

There is going to be an overlap between customer support and sales. It’s an art to bring a dedicated salesperson into the process.

Both the customer and sales agents have to be aligned on where a customer is at in their sales cycle to serve them in the best possible way.

Throughout the selling process, your focus must be to educate and support them throughout. Once they are ready to buy, it’s time for the sales agent to enter.

And remember, the role of a sales agent is not to make a sale but to guide the buyer throughout the purchase process. This is what’s going to encourage them to buy.

4: Don’t Use Buyer Persona While Selling

A buyer persona is an important aspect of marketing. You collect common behaviors, attributes, and attitudes of your target audience to frame the marketing message for them. But there is a problem with this approach when it comes to sales.

Persona-based selling assumes that your target buyer’s actions or behaviors are driven by certain traits. Outside pressures that challenge their status quo and encourage them to change are what motivate buyers in reality.

Outside impacts could include the company’s growth, inefficient or unsustainable operations, or broader changes affecting their industry.

In other words, a buyer’s situation determines their purchase, not a professional disposition. So, don’t base your sales strategy on these attributes. Instead, speak to your buyers, learn about their situation and try to solve their problems.

5: Lead With Insight

A sales agent shouldn’t try hard to be the trusted advisor by asking the buyer discover questions, diagnosing their needs, or presenting a solution based on the problem. This approach disservice a customer.

Tell me what you and I will get that for you is not the right approach to sell. Instead, buyers want the agent to tell them what they should want. They want you to explain the information that’s already out there and deliver insight into what they are missing.

Selling Has Changed and So Should Your Sales Approach

The need of the hour is to change the way we look at “selling.” When used in the context of compelling someone to buy something in 2015, this term took on a borderline negative tone.

Buyers no longer need to be sold to in the traditional way.

Allowing consumers to make their own evaluations and giving the resources (mainly customer support and product information) they need to make an educated decision makes them feel confident about making a purchase. This will eventually help you as a business.

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