Why is Netflix not a good doctor in Latin America?

Why is Netflix not a good doctor in Latin America?

Medical plays are considered by the audience when selecting a series Good doctor. He currently has four seasons and thousands of fans in Latin America Why this series is not yet available on Netflix streaming service in our region. what is that?

Based on fiction Good doctor, The original South Korean version having the same premises. Here we have it Freddie Hymore In the role of Shawn Murphy, A young man with autism spectrum disorder associated with sage syndrome, he is a surgeon and saves lives by facing the stigma of his colleagues at a San Jose hospital.

The next work of the project is to be officially launched The fifth installment will hit the ABC network in the United States on September 27. According to the producer, the good news for fans is that there is a plan to extend the show: “We are very pleased with the stories we have told. It is definitely a long-term deal already.”.

If you are in Latin America, you know that there are two ways to follow fiction: on its weekly broadcast on the network. Sony Entertainment TV, Chapters will be available after a few months; And on stage Amazon Prime Video, Users can already enjoy Part 2 of the last released season. However, There are those who ask to see it on Netflix, but there is a reason it is not available.

Why is Netflix not a good doctor in Latin America?

Currently The series can be viewed on Netflix Spain, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, Switzerland, France and Greece and other countries.. That means Streaming has the right to extend it to Latin America, but their exclusive agreement with Amazon in Latin America prevents its arrival. So far, it has not been announced whether the talks will be released, but fans are still waiting.

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