“Untold: The Rivers of Sport”: The 2004 NBA between Pacers and Pistons.

"Untold: The Rivers of Sport": The 2004 NBA between Pacers and Pistons.

The documentary series “Untold: The Other Side of the Game” will release its first five episodes on Netflix on August 10. An issue dedicated to the general fight that ensued during the November 19, 2004 meeting between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons.

This event still exists today in the recent history of the NBA, the North American Basketball League. The Indiana Pacers discovered the Detroit Pistons on November 19, 2004, after winning the final against the Los Angeles Lakers, after losing the Eastern Conference final a few months earlier. New season. A meeting under tension, Indiana players were at heart to prove their superiority on the grounds of Auburn Hills Palace.

In a room with more than 20,000 hot fans, the pacers dominate their opponent and head towards easy victory. The talented but turbulent Wing Ron from Indiana decided to make a mistake based on Ben Wallace, the hub of the Artist pistons. The latter, burying his brother, loses his temper. Players from both teams are fighting. So far nothing unusual. But when he gets back from the scrum and hits a beer on the head of Ron Artest, who is lying on the scorer’s desk, the winger loses his temper to the point where he blames the suspicious fan and rushes into the stands. To make a mistake. The indescribable chaos will change the face of the NBA forever.

Over 16 years to the events, the documentary series Unspoken Called the “Malice at the Palace”, it dedicated its first publication to the fight with testimonials from veterans – Ron Artist, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O’Neill, Ben Wallace, Reggie Miller – as well as sports journalists, fans, law enforcement and the judiciary. Using unpublished videos, it helps to understand the event from a new perspective and to better understand each other’s reactions.

Single stories

Visitors can discover the following four episodes each week, including an episode entitled “Breaking Point” (September 7), which revisits the story of Andy Roddick’s personal friend Marty Fish, who was lost shortly before his transformation. 2012 US Open final against Roger Federer paralyzed by anxiety attack. The tennis player talks about his suffering and how he was able to get out of this big crisis with the help of his family and psychiatrists.

The life of athlete Bruce Jenner (August 24), and her journey to becoming a woman, and her devastating relationship with boxer Christy Martin (August 17) and her husband and coach Jim Martin for attempting to shoot and stab her in 2010 — or a small league hockey team (August 31) The mind-melting story, Dunbury Treasures, was bought by a mafia godfather who manages his 17-year-old affairs son (!!!) who is famous for the fights instigated by his own soldiers. Overall the inevitable failure of this experience.

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