They describe the flying dinosaur as a “scary dragon” in Australia

A team of Australian scientists has discovered the remains of a man Flying giant dinosaur, Described as a “scary dragon”, Flew over Australian territory at the time CretaceousEducational sources said Tuesday.

With seven-meter-long wings and a spear-shaped nose, the new Pletosaurus “would have been a scary beast,” said Tim Richards, president of the Queensland University team that researched the reptile in a statement from the company. .

The தபுங்கக ஷாவிRichards, who wants to pursue a doctorate at the University of Queensland, said it was “the closest thing to a dragon” as the prehistoric animal was named.

The description of this Pletosaurus is based on the analysis of a jaw fossil discovered in June 2011 by a local Len Shaw in the lands of the Vanamara people in the far north of the state of Queensland in eastern Australia.

Scientists say the dinosaur had a skull about a meter long and was armed with a 40-molar set that allowed it to feed on large fish that lived in the ancient Iromanga Sea during the Cretaceous, which began 145 million years ago. Completed 66 million years ago.

Tapungaka Shawi is believed to be the first animal to have flying back bones and was a perfect fit for a flying plane, scientists say, with relatively bare, thin-walled bone fragments.

Steve Salisbury, co-author of the paper and Richard’s Ph.D.

According to the scientist “these ridges may have played a role in the flight movement of these organisms.”

The name of this flying dinosaur is derived from Ganga (nga-ka) and Dabun (da-poon), which means “mouth” and “spear” in the language of the Vanamara tribe, respectively, while Shaw’s family name. Who invented it.

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