Chinese manufacturer invents first robot dog cyber dog

Chinese technology company Xiaomi has introduced a four-robot robot called CyberDoc. It’s a test open source machine, according to the company. ” Hides undoubted possibilitiesS.

Xiaomi Cyber ​​Doc
Credit: Siomi

We can’t talk about Xiaomi’s first robot dog cyber doc, without thinking about the Boston Dynamics spot robot. The US company sold its robotic animals for $ 74,500 last year, but Xiaomi’s model promises to be very affordable.

Siomi believes this robot is a testament to the company’s “engineering achievements” and serves as a testing ground for robotics enthusiasts. Powered by Blogger Jetson Xavier NX version of Nvidia, Called the world’s smallest artificial intelligence supercomputer.

Why CyberDoc?

Cyber ​​Doc is a very agile robot because it has a maximum torque of 32 Nm and can Travel up to 3.2 meters per second. He can do some actions again. To identify and move its environment, the robot uses A set of 11 high-precision sensors.

Among them, there are touch sensors, camera system, ultrasonic sensors or even GPS modules. View AI Interactive Cameras, Ultra-Wide-Angle Fish Cameras and Intel RealSense D450 Depth Module. These allow the robot dog Follow the object or its owner, avoid obstacles or create navigation maps.

Like a real pet, Users can place orders with voice commands And set the wake word to “Okay Cyber ​​Doc”. Like the spot, this is also possible Control it using a remote control or smartphone app, And add accessories such as a lidar. Boston Dynamics’ robot dog is already very useful, and the French military uses it for combat training.

According to Siomi, Syrdoc is not for the general public, on the contrary For robotics developers or fans Wanting to participate in competitions and promote the development and ability of quadrupedal robots together. Xiaomi has already distributed 1,000 CyberDogs to Xiaomi fans, engineers and robotics enthusiasts in China, and the robot will all sell for 9,999 yuan (1,315 euros).

Xiaomi CyberDoc Specifications
Credit: Siomi

Source: Siomi

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