Banned XANTARES from Twitch are aiming for another goal

Banned XANTARES from Twitch are aiming for another goal

Officially banned from Twitch recently without knowing the reason, the Turkish player was unable to contact the US company to recover his account. He now announces that he is looking for a new place to distribute his content.

Prohibited indefinitely

The most popular content creator on Twitch with more than 547,000 subscribers, Turkish player Ismailian “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş was banned from the platform a month ago on the grounds that his behavior was inappropriate and unconstitutional. Since then, the player has undergone dangerous surgery to cure his hyperhidrosis and has been placed on the official transfer list by his club BIG at his request. So, he did not have time to address his community specifically about this problem he had with Twitz. Because he did not return from this ban and could not recover his account. XANTARES tried to contact the US company, but it did not work, and today his account is officially banned indefinitely. Many warnings have already been sent, the more obstacles, the more the switch does not tease when you exceed the limit, and then the appeals are complicated.

Smailсan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş Instagram

So XANTARES, which failed to find a solution by trying to converse with the site’s moderate group, declared that it had not succeeded with the exact reason for its ban. Violating the rules of society is the only justification at its disposal, which is ambiguous. In addition, the Turkish player says he was never told the duration of the ban or when he could resume his streams. However, if we go back to the rules of the site and the responsibilities of the Ismailian “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş, we can legally assume that he received his third warning in parallel with the firm ban without the possibility of appeal. Continuing harshly during his broadcast, the player has already been banned several times for this reason, but Twitch’s rules make it clear: ” Multiple suspensions in a row can lead to permanent suspension .

Anyway, he has to start all over again with a new tool to send his parts back. After all he has so many opportunities, YouTube Gaming already has over 100,000 subscribers to him, and even if his audience is definitely much smaller than Twitz it may seem like the best solution. For example if he does not try the adventure in other places like DLive or Facebook Gaming. Whatever his goal may be, it will always be very complicated if he does not decide to call his community back. This procedure has been used incessantly recently and has been successful elsewhere.

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