Another superstar joins the fight with Keanu Reeves

Another superstar joins the fight with Keanu Reeves

Next John Wick: Chapter 4 More is expected, especially for its cast as it is still growing with a better cast.

Shooting for the next one John Wick4 It started last June, but the screenplay by Shay Hutton and Michael Finch is still locked The excitement of the audience did not wait until a summary arose. Martial artists Tony Yen (IP Man), Hiroyuki Sanada (47 RoninScott Atkins (Only one will become invincibleAnd Marco Jaror (Wild dog)

Photo, Keanu ReevesWe do not know who will be most fooled by the package of the coup

The rest of the cast is Rina Sawaiyama (actors and actresses with less cuts to physical roles)Charlie, turn up the volume), Shamier Anderson (Passenger number 4, The color of success) And Bill Scorskard (That, Castle Rock, Assassination Nation), Confirmed last July that he did not have to train physically for the film.

On the owners ‘veterans’ side, the fourth installment returns with Lance Reddick (Saron) and Ian McShane (Winston) and beyond Deadline, Lionsgate recently passed and raised the cast A deal with American actor Clancy Brown So he responds to Keanu Reeves. Of course, his role and importance in the film has not yet been revealed.

Photo, Clancy BrownClancy Brown

Director Chad Stahlsky said in a statement: “I’ve always been a fan of Clancy Brown. He is proud to be a part of this project. He would be a perfect addition to the John Wick world!

An actor with a recognizable face among the thousands Very diverse and plenty of cinematography, So that the film can trust its experience. The actor has several cult films to his credit Highlander, Science fiction movies and the like Star Sailors Where Adventures of Bakru Bansai across the 8th dimension, Jokes and the like Waiting for the light Where Flapper, Thriller and plays Blue steel, Fugitives , Hiking for a killer, Ballad of Buster Scrux, Or the recently promising young woman. The actor also appeared in the series Emergency room And billions, and soon participate in the renaissance Dexter.

Photo, Star ForcesDance Starship Troops

If Clancy Brown is a face of Hollywood, it is the most recognizable voice. Sponge, But also many characters in DC, Marvel and Star Wars movies and animated series. While waiting to learn more about his role John Wick4, Which will be released in our theaters on May 25, 2022, is our review of the latest John Wick: Parapellam Is always on this page.

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