Vue d'artiste d'un ptérosaure en vol avec sa proie. © warpaintcobra, Adobe Stock

A dragon flew in the skies of Australia 100 million years ago

While all ancient discoveries contribute to the knowledge of life history on earth, some are more significant than others. One of such fascinating inventions is the interpretation of giant storytellers.

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[EN VIDÉO] This little dinosaur flew from branch to branch 163 million years ago
Ambopteryx longibrachium is a new small dinosaur whose fossil was discovered in 2017 by a farmer on the outskirts of his village in China. Look at how this creature moved in the jungle he hunted during the late Jurassic. Its membrane wings allowed the birds to try their hand when flying long ago.

Presented by Australian researchers Archeology New species of giant stochastic Journal of Spinal Archeology. Fossil is the largest Australian strosorin and it defines a new species தபுங்கக ஷாவி. It belongs to the Unhanguardi group, which is classified among Sterotactyloids Who Flying reptile. Model Top Albion Dated (Cretaceous Less), 100.5 and 106 million years ago

Timothy Richards, one of the authors of the study, is next to a steroid skull belonging to the Anhangurian group.  © Timothy Richards

There is the front part of the fossil Mandible. The lower part of the jaw is decorated with a bony tip and there should be 15-20 teeth in each lower half of the jaw. Sample Should be seven meters across.

Reconstruction of the morphology of the D. Shavi skull as a function of the lower jaw fossil.  © Richard et al., 2021

Does it look like a dragon?

Timothy Richards, one of the authors, describes this pattern. ” Only one Skull With a long neck, fitted with a pair of long wings He explains that this species is, according to him, one of the most common species of dragon. Evidence for the existence of great diversity Kondwana To Cretaceous.

Quantitative estimation for three species of Australian storehouses.  The man is 1.80 meters tall.  A) Tapungaka Shavi;  B) Maidunga Kamara;  C) Ferrodrago Lentoni.  © Richards et al., 2021

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