These Americans kept their interest in angels alive during the Mermaid: "This tail costs between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000"

These Americans kept their interest in angels alive during the Mermaid: “This tail costs between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000”

Braids and glitter scales floating in the water: Throughout the weekend, hundreds of people wore their fish tails to a gathering of angels in Manasas, Virginia.

The event, called Mermaid, takes place from Friday to Sunday and attracts angel enthusiasts from all walks of life. “It really is open to everyone because you don’t have to swim to become an angel, or have a tail.Morgana Alba, one of the co-founders of the show, explains.

“Fairy myths are found in all societies throughout history. This means there can be no wrong way to be an angel.”, She adds.

Socks of XXL Sirens, one of the existing groups, is trying to protect this message. Its founder, Che Monique, says he posts pictures of his comrades creating images in the water on social media to encourage others to tell them: “But I can do that too.”

However, one can be motivated by financial means, sometimes to be prohibited, and it must be done. Many fairies spend thousands of dollars on colorful and luxurious clothes, often the money spent on tailoring, silicone or foam and fabric tails.

Miss Mermaid

Inside the show, the entire dress, tail was sold, but not decorative accessories such as helmets, rings or colorful dresses. “This is clearly not cheap entertainment”, Evaluating AFP explains to Jasmine Clover “Probably $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 “ The tail she wore at the rally.

Expenses related to lifeguard and free diploma should be included, “to ensure safety.”

In the afternoon, at the aquatic center, several hundred angels posed for a group photo in the large swimming pool and went down to swim in the open water.

While many were having fun, others came in a competitive mindset: to try their luck at the Miss Mermaid USA pageant.

“It’s really incredible”, Hannah Siward, above the bright, pale tail, crowned with glowing flowers in her blonde curls. “People believe in angels. Now scientifically people don’t believe in them. But those with a dream and desire made angels come true.” She greets herself.

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