The United Nations' biggest report on climate change may be full of bad news, but it also raises some optimism

The United Nations’ biggest report on climate change may be full of bad news, but it also raises some optimism

The world’s largest and most comprehensive report on climate change, based on more than 14 United Nations scientific articles on climate change, will be released on Monday. BBC scientists say the rating may be full of bad news, but it raises some optimism, and environmentalists believe it is a “big awareness call” for governments. According to documents examined by the IPCC, some carelessly man-made climate change will be irreversible for centuries, but even thousands of years.

The study will be presented on the morning of Monday, August 9, and will be used at a summit in the UK in November, where leaders of 196 countries will agree on action on climate change. British Minister Alok Sharma, who chaired the summit, said over the weekend that “the world will soon pass the time to avoid a catastrophe”.

The last report like this was made in 2013, and much has changed since then, at least the BBC writes that it is not yet certain that extreme weather events such as heat waves or torrential rain are caused by climate change, and now they say of course, scientists do in June American heat wave Absolutely the result of climate change.

The world is warming, and Europe is getting more rain as the drought intensifies. According to the report, a steady rise in sea level is expected over the next hundred years but also over thousands of years. But research shows that the worst disasters can be avoided if countries’ leaders continue to warm below 1.5 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels. (BBC)

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