The funny reason is that Lamello can’t change his number

Le rookie des Charlotte Hornets, LaMelo Ball, a connu des débuts difficiles pour son premier match NBA face aux Cleveland Cavaliers

After a season with the Hornets, Lamello wanted to take advantage of a team member’s exit to change the ball numbers. This will not happen, and a Strange reason.

Shining for his first season in the NBA, Lamello Paul was awarded the Rookie of the Year trophy as he lost the final trophy. To say that this was his presence over Anthony Edwards and company, we cannot say that it is unworthy.

Lanzo’s brother shone, especially in the attack he was able to show off his talent. Three points are comfortable, but especially when distributing the game: The Hornets player is not disappointed. Now the whole of North Carolina is eager to discover the new season.

But a lot, may be unfortunate. In fact, Paul Jersey is already out of date because he plans to change his number. At the very least, according to Ashley Stroehline, the NBA was there before she was denied that possibility. Lamelo’s jealousy? Go from 2 to 1.

Malik Monk, the former owner of No. 1, headed the Lakers. So he got his jersey and Paul wanted it. The problem is, Nike can’t meet a player’s request like this: for example they have to do it before a certain date to avoid a big role. Lamelo was forgotten, or the monk’s departure was confirmed too late. Whatever happens, the leader will have to wait a few years.

Lamelo Paul wanted to change his jersey number to 1 but missed the deadline.

No change to LaMelo Ball, at least not yet. There is no other way, the young star will have to wait for a new season with this number 2 in the hope that it will not bother him much.

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