Social and environmental projects | Democrats present US $ 3.5 trillion budget

Social and environmental projects |  Democrats present US $ 3.5 trillion budget

(Washington) The U.S. Senate Democrats released a budget resolution on Monday that would provide $ 3.5 trillion in spending and tax breaks to boost social and environmental programs, setting the stage for a confrontation with President Joe’s domestic ambitions, Biden.

Alan Fromm
Associated Press

The Democratic resolution later this year, over the next decade, will not only provide tax breaks for families, but will also spend billions on federal funds for health, education, family services and programs on environmental issues. . The bill would impose higher taxes on the rich and corporations.

The budget presentation is the beginning of a much longer legislative process, which Democrats hope will lead to a more progressive government this fall. To achieve this, however, they must overthrow unanimous Republican opposition and strike a balance between the most moderate and the most progressive factions of their own party.

Provides resolution to create free preschool program for three and four year old children; Two years of free education in community college; Extension of tax incentives for children and some low-wage workers; Creating a paid family and sick leave plan.

The Medicare program now covers dental, auditory and visual care. The cost of housing, home maintenance and vocational training will increase. New resources will be allocated to accelerate the transition to green energy.

These costs will be financed with an increase in taxes for the rich and big business. Those earning less than $ 400,000 a year will escape, however, a campaign pledge from Mr. Biden.

The budget plans to address the plight of millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States. Another measure aimed at mobilizing moderate Democrats provides funding to strengthen border security.

There is a risk that Republicans will organize fierce opposition. In elections that determine the control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, they hope that next year’s hostility will pay off. They plan to force votes in amendments dealing with issues such as immigration, crime and inflation in the hope that they will benefit next fall.

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