NBC continues after the transition to the Olympics

NBC continues after the transition to the Olympics

NEW YORK (AP) – On the final day of the Tokyo Olympics, NBC Universal received the pay-as-you-go picture: American flag-waving Kevin Durant cheers for the American men’s basketball team’s gold medal. .

It is in many ways a medieval Olympics for the media community, where the old ways in which America consumed the Games are rapidly disappearing and the new ways are still being captured.

“They are different and we have never been away from them,” said NBC Sports President Pete Bevagova. “Of course we said it’s a different Olympics, but it’s even more exciting, it’s even more awesome, it’s still the best in 17 days of sport.”

He said he would make money from NBC Universal Games, however he did not say how much. NBC Accelerates Planning to ‘Do Things’, ie Advertising Advertisers TV viewers were lower than expected, And Bewaqua predicted that 99% of the duties would be fulfilled by the end of the Olympics.

With the Olympics began Concerns about Covid 19, Some unexpected losses for the Americans and the recall of most of the gymnastic star’s events Simon Billy. While Americans have improved their performance, NBC has largely avoided the decline in consumer interest that traditionally occurs in the second week of the Olympics.

You can’t soften the dramatic decline in prime-time entertainment on Olympic Games coverage’s flagship network television. On several nights, NBC spectators were halfway to the Rio de Janeiro Games five years ago.

“When you look at numbers, it’s hard to be happy,” said Andy Billings, director of the University of Alabama’s sports communication program. “This is probably NBC’s worst situation, but it’s the worst situation they could have predicted months ago.”

Viewers for live TV have dropped across the board as streaming and video exploded as needed. It effectively provides financial security; NBC’s competing networks have also been shut down, and some events are reducing large audiences such as the Olympics.

The Americans approached sports with a collective shoulder. At the end of July at Monmouth University in New Jersey, 36% of voters said there was less interest than usual and 3% more interest in the Olympics.

Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth polling station, said one reason for the lack of interest, especially from Republicans, was the frustration over the athletes’ political statements. There was little in Tokyo. However, a different kind of excitement erupted on social media between some American conservatives and former President Donald Trump’s claim that “awakening is losing”. The American women’s football team missed out on a chance to win a gold medal.

Consumers watch the Olympic Games Different ways. Cable rating has increased. NBC had its own Olympic website and streaming service Peacock, the latter being the first time.

Many young people, in particular, informed themselves through video clips on their devices. More than 1.4 billion minutes of highlights and clips were streamed, a 37% increase from Rio Games, Bevagova said.

Billings said in the 2018 Winter Games study that one-sixth of the Olympic content consumed by Americans will be streamed to devices, and that percentage could be higher in Tokyo. In China, four years ago 40% was on consumer devices.

“You can follow him on Instagram or Snapshot,” Billings said. “But I don’t think anyone distorted the code to make as much money as they could on remote television.”

NBC Universal claims that 52 million people have now signed the peacock, exceeding its expectations. Let’s see if any of the new customers will stay over the next few months. Billings said NBC should do a better job of being the focal point of the peacock for games.

The NBC, which has come under criticism for not showing enough Olympic events in recent years, had the opposite problem in Tokyo. It was so proven that it was hard for fans to find it and know where to go to see something specific.

Bevaqua recognized the need to improve the browsing experience. “I think we’ve done a great job since the game started,” he said. “We responded to that.”

NBC has taken steps to diversify its primary time menu, although it is dominated by gymnastics, swimming and diving, and track and field.

The Lack of audience It was shocking at first. In an embarrassing moment, an NBC volleyball presenter, while considering a judge’s appeal, said, “You hear a thorn flying in this arena.”

But spectators rarely participate in Olympic events, and there were some appeals on NBC video conferencing to connect athletes with family and fans at home. The epidemic seemed to unite athletes, and NBC received a talented fair play scene.

“I think it was a psychological upheaval that the country needed and responded to,” Bevagova said.

Today, the company faces a short turn. The start of the Beijing Winter Olympics is expected in six months.

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