Handball – 2021 World Cup (F): Calling for Poland and Slovakia

Handball - 2021 World Cup (F): Calling for Poland and Slovakia

Posted on August 8, 2021 at 10:43 am.

Matthew Warnier

The International Handball Federation on Sunday confirmed that two invitations have been extended to Poland and Slovakia for the next Women’s World Championships to be held in Spain next December.

Four days before the draw, the field was finally finished. The Women’s Olympic handball tournament ended with the victory of the French team in Tokyo this Sunday. The 2021 edition of the World Championship is getting ready. Scheduled for December 2 to 19 in Spain, with meetings with Castellan, Gronoller, Lyria and Torrevija, 32 teams will compete in this tournament, but two places will be reserved by the International Handball Federation (IHF). In fact, the rules of the competition allow the IHF Council to place a team that does not receive a ticket by continental qualifications. However, for this 25th World Championship, these two invitations must be provided by the IHF. No team from Oceania participated in the Asian Qualifiers. The IHF Council may issue a second call of its choice.

Les Blues in hat 1 for draw

Asia and South America will arrive from September 15 to 25, while North American tickets will be distributed at the end of the continental tournament scheduled for August 22 to 27 in the United States. From October 4 to 10, two calls came into the hands of European selectors. In fact, Poland and Slovakia received the support of the IHF Council, which confirmed the information in a press release on Sunday. As such, these two teams were paid in the fourth cap, especially with Slovenia and Congo. It will see a draw take place in Castellon this Thursday Blue, Olympic champions, current world champions alongside Dutch, and Spain, host country.

World Cup 2021 fHuntball / Montreal 2021 (F)
The combination of hats for the draw

Cap 1: Netherlands, Norway, Spain, France, Croatia, Denmark, Russia, Germany
Cap 2: Montenegro, Hungary, Sweden, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Asia 1, Asia 2
Cap 3: Angola, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Tunisia, South America 1, South America 2, North America 1, Asia 3
Cap 4: Slovakia, Slovenia, Congo, Poland, Asia 4, Asia 5, Asia 6, South America 3

Spain, as the host country, can select its team after the draw for the last three hats.

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