American Airlines offers a thirty minute free dictation on the plane

American Airlines offers a thirty minute free dictation on the plane

In the aftermath of a ground-mounted health crisis, airlines want to do everything they can to attract passengers back and regain satisfactory arrival rates. How to provide free access to Diktok by air?

American Airlines offers its passengers a thirty-minute flight to Dictok. No need to pay for Wi-Fi on board, just launch the app to enjoy for free. And those who have not already installed Dictoc on their smartphone can do it again for free on the plane.

Being busy on a plane

The airline notes that passengers can find a lot of content in the app, ” Travel inspiration “And” Career advice “.It’s not sure if there will be much discussion about how to improve your job or upgrade your CV when you travel by plane!

However, these thirty minutes are not provided on all American Airlines flights. It is necessary to travel on a plane that integrates ViaSat’s WiFi system, which does not apply to the company’s entire fleet. She notes that this is a test, which means that the test does not lead to lasting promotion.

AA is not the only American company offering such bonuses today. United Airlines allows its passengers to use Facebook Messenger for free during a flight. Other perks are also offered by the carrier, such as booking snacks before boarding the flight and supporting Bluetooth audio through the on-board entertainment system.

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