Steelers: DJ What My Greave?

Steelers: DJ What My Greave?

DJ Watt has been training the Steelers since training camp began. He traveled to the Hall of Fame game in Canton. But when everyone is lined up 11-to-11, they sit on the sidelines and settle for personal exercises.

Keith Butler, his defensive coordinator, could have been blunt for the press on Saturday if Mike Tomlin was unclear for reasons of his star absence.

“It’s not my job. I hope he’s signed his contract. It’s over.

The rest seems even clearer.

“I do not blame him because you do not want to be hurt when you try to conclude a contract. If you hurt yourself, you lose the flexibility of the contract you can sign. So I do not blame him. I hope they get there.”

Watt, who was selected in the first round of the 2017 draft, signed a four-year deal with a preferred fifth year, which the Steelers apparently implemented. The $ 10 million Pass Rusher is set to play in the 2021 season this year.

Obviously, the idea is a great deal to reward his contribution, especially last year with 15 excuses. Until that happens, it looks like Watt is going to sit on the sidelines.

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