Springsteen and the United States fell to the Swedes in the vault for silver

Springsteen and the United States fell to the Swedes in the vault for silver

TOKYO (AFP) – The Springsteen family has gone platinum several times.

It’s time to dump her and move on.

Jessica Springsteen and the American equestrian tabling team approached the Olympic gold, slipping in a jump slide to Sweden on Saturday night.

“I was very confident he would come today,” Springsteen said. “It really gave me a lot of confidence and I was able to have big dreams to ride with them, so I’m so excited.”

This is the first time for Springsteen, 29, the daughter of famous rockers Bruce Springsteen and Patti Sialwa, who made their Olympic debut in Tokyo. Powerful stallion Don Juan van de Tonkov cut a path in Saturday’s prelims, as did McLean Ward, who also joined the Swedes for the first time with eight penalty points.

Springsteen said, “We put it in that place and were able to fight for the rest of the lesson.”

Springsteen, Laura Grott and Ward moved clean during the short jump track and did so in a total of 124.2 seconds.

Peder Fredricson, the last Swedish runner, had to change for the better in 40.30 seconds or without errors and rushed at 39.01 for the country’s fourth gold medal but since 1924. The Americans also entered this week with three gold medals.

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